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We are amateur golfers, bringing the original draft fantasy game to our ranks

How it Started

President & CEO, David Blott, then General Manager of a prestigious golf club, contemplated the ever changing golf industry, with special attention to club engagement, a proven factor for membership growth and retention.

One fateful day in the clubhouse lounge while watching the PGA event on the screens, David noticed that the members were unusually interested in the 37th position golfer. Perplexed, he inquired, and was introduced to the concept of Draft Fantasy Sports (DFS): they were interested because they had chosen that 37th position golfer on their fantasy roster.

This resonated with David and he asked himself, “if they are so engaged with professional sports, doesn’t it stand to reason that they’ll be more engaged with their own club members’ performance if they’d drafted them to a fantasy roster in the same way?”

David pitched the concept to his Director of Golf, Pat DeCoste, as though he’d been approached about this draft fantasy sports game for the club, and before he even asked his opinion, Pat said “we’ve got to have it – the members would love it.” The truth unveiled: this was David’s idea, and didn’t really exist. Yet.

The two came together, and sought Randy Ansems, a club member, entrepreneur, and software development genius. Their trifecta of co-founders was complete, and they embarked upon the business of creating the original draft fantasy sports game for the amateur golfer.

David Blott

President & CEO; Co-Founder

(902) 220 3775

Randy Ansems


Pat DeCoste


Jessica Gaudet

Vice President, Business Development & Marketing

(902) 220 0336

Alex Skazhenyuk

Senior Software Engineer, API

Robin Messenger

Software Engineer, UI

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